“Trees of Hope team plant trees in Butcha and Irpin, together with local children and volunteers, from 09/04/2023 to 14/04/2023”

In the bigger plan of a national restauration and the strong emphasis that planting trees is a symbol of hope and faith in the future and a modest support in the return to “normal”, as well as a national moral support for the road to restoration and normalisation ahead. Could be an asset in positively rekindling global public support, through the subtle yet connecting ability of trees.

stand the trees

I understand the priorities towards human lives, returning quality and stability of people’s lives and more pressing issues concerning defence and rebuilding, it is my small yet not to be underestimated intention to support Ukraine in these efforts.

Simply put: a common sentiment of every human being is that a tree in itself symbolises/represents the past and the future, while the experience is in the present.

My name is Paul C. Luttik, arbotechnical expert and consultant. My company Bijzondere Boomwerken, has been active in the tree care industry since 1995.

In the digital age a clear strategy and narrative is almost as necessary as the act of planting the trees itself, this should be thought out beforehand, coordinated in unison with Ukrainian values and traditions. The public attention should totally be focused on the essence of the story, not on our person, our business, neither the execution or the form.

My team and I hold the same standards, to be of service to good, while masters of ourselves, in the spirit of sending quality into the future through trees.

It is above all else that the human and the Ukrainian national cost is devastating, on any moral and/or humane level.

From my perspective as a professional in trees, I cannot help, but also see the ecological damage, and at the top of that chain. stand the trees




We propose a replanting of indigenous, traditional and/or ornamental trees in the northern urban area’s of Kyev.

Executed by a team of professional arboricultural technicians, with our own planting machines and logistical support.

An added value is an open invitation to local and national volunteers, interested or knowledgeable in arboriculture. Training in good plant practices supplied by us.

We encourage the local youth and children to take part in our replanting. They are the future generation and will see the results of our action for years to come.

The trees, the manpower, logistics and hardware involved, will be taken care of in advance, by our self sought, clean and sustainable funding.я.

After planting, follow up by designated groups of volunteers who report back data on tree progress in the growth season, to a central point, preferably in Ukraine.